I Wanted to Paint a Rainbow

from by Kyle Andrews



out on the hillside, you are goldie locks
begging for a bear bite, begging for the full moon
how did you get inside? did you read my mind?
i've fallen since seven, i've been falling forever

no it didnt take much
to let you down
just one touch
you were down and out
and no it didnt take much
turn you inside out
start a flood with your blood
and watch you drown

oh no what have i done?

you took that clothes line wrapped around my neck
the smell of spring time, you hung me out to dry
we are martyrs, vacant, break dancers on spaceships
we lay in coffee cans, a green complexion
i gave up all my strength just to beg for your attention OH GOD

it didnt take much to let us down
just one touch pushed us underground
no it didnt take much
turn me inside out
start a flood with my mouth
but i could never say enough

oh no, what have i done?
i wanted to paint a rainbow


from Real Blasty, released January 20, 2009
bell set, keyboards, beats, bass, percussion, piano, vocals - Kyle Andrews


all rights reserved



Kyle Andrews Nashville, Tennessee

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